Some Best Blogger Templates Sites

Hello friends. Last time I wrote about the way to change your default template to a more complex. But in that post many people did not got good templates.
I was quite amazed from my visitors. But even though I have written the solution. There are numerous sites which hosts free high quality templates. So, in this post we shall be discussing about the site which offers high quality and free blogger templates. I would be writing about only some of the common sites !
This is my favourite site when the term comes to blogger templates. It is a vast collection of numerous templates, (above 5000). Just select one suitable one from among these and keep it in your blog.

It is also a collection of professional templates both of blogger and wordpress. It is the site powered by CSS3 and Html5.
It is a giant collection of blogger templates and is searched highly. The author of this site is Paul Crown who also enjoys blogger.
Deluxe Template is the collection of Blogger Template which is simple, faster and highly customizable.
Blogger Mint is the site hosting all sorts of tutorials and Template.Even Sometimes I need to get there for discovering something new.
All Blog Tools is the collection of blogger Templates same as the other ones, but the one with high defination.
Before you leave do you know other template hosting sites?
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Backup Your Blogger Blog Posts

His mates. Yesterday I wrote a post about the restoration of blogger posts. As review many people suggested me to write a post about the backup of blog posts. They said it would be much easier that way.
I was also somewhat satisfied with my visitors as backup has many scopes in deed. SO as a reply to all my visitors this post is now here.
Here in this post we will save our posts before it is accidentally deleted or by any other means. Here are the top backup ways for it and they are completely free also;
1. Using Export Function;
By using this method you can backup your all posts. But it will just backup the contents ex-cluding images(it will copy the image URL). Above all it will backup your whole comments and pages. So it is a quite handy method. To do it follow below steps;

  • Go to blogger dashboard>settings>other.
  • Then in the blog tools click on Export Blog.
  • Click Download Blog on the pop-out menu and you will have your blog contents in your hard drive in no time.
2. Using Feed;
Feed is probably the best and easiest of all the ways to backup your blog. Before you backup make sure you have set your feed to full. If you haven't then do it right know by going to dashboard>settings>others>Allow Blog feed to full. After you completed it then follow below steps;

  • Copy the below URL;
  • In the above URL replace my blog URL with your own.
  • Then paste it in your browsers' address bar and hit enter.
  • You will be directed to a new page filled with numerous codes.
  • Just press Ctrl+S and save it.
  • Your blog posts are now successfully downloaded.
3. Using E-mail Feature;
It is also an efficient way. For this method you have to subscribe to your blog feed using your own e-mail. By this way when ever you post a new content it will be sent to your e-mail and when the time comes you can use it as a backup. 
4. Downloading Offline copy;

  • Go to this site(opens in a new tab).
  • Then download HTTrack from the very site.
  • Follow the instructions there and you can download an offline copy and store it in your hard disk.
  • You are allowed to browse your posts, comments, etc.
  • Just you have to download, create a project and store a offline copy.
Now these were the backup tactics  I hope you are able to backup your blog posts. So, whenever you find your posts missing immediately back it up using these simple tricks. I hope these tips helped you. BYE!!

Restore Your Deleted Blogger Blog Posts

Sometimes, knowingly or accidentally it happens that you delete your blog post. Or someone else did this without warning. You didn't knew and when you checked your account the post is not there, BOOM!
Your mind is now boomed. This situation rarely comes, but when it comes it is sure to bring disasters. Now at any cost you need to get those valuable post of yours.

Or else you might even feel bore to type in your post and leave blogger. But to tackle such situation I have come up with a solution. Today in this post we will be discussing the easy way to restore your deleted posts. And the amazing thing is that it is completely free. SO read the below lines thoroughly.

We will be taking google help for our restoration because blogger is powered by google.
Google reader is very easy to restore your posts. It is activated automatically for all bloggers. Every time you post something google reader fetches it automatically and stores in your account. But the most surprising thing about this fact is that it will be always available even though your blog has been deleted. So the only condition required for it is the blogger account is to be active.
Now, lets restore the posts;
  • Login to your Google Reader(opens in a new tab) using your Google Account credentials.
  • Now, copy the link below;
  • In the above link replace my blog URL with your own and place it in your browser address bar and hit enter.
  • When the link is properly loaded you will see your every post which was deleted.
Now your posts and your old memories are back again. Happy blogging with a pleasant smile guys. BYE!!

Changing Your Blogger Default Template

Blogger is a vast world. You can't cross it but only peep. There are many things why blogger has grown larger. And among these thing, a important one is template. A template is the style of your blog.

There are many templates available by default. But rather than this you will be also amazed to know that you can create your own template. Beside there are thousands of templates available and plenty of site also host blogger templates. These are called 3rd party templates. They are way more greater than blogger default templates which are meant for beginners. You can take an example of this site Blogger Smasher which also runs in a 3rd party template. So there have been many queries about changing the template. Today we shall be discussing how to change your blogger template. Just follow these steps;

STEP-I(Get A Template);
First you need to get a template before you upload it. Just search the internet for it and download a XML copy of the template. If the downloaded file is zipped  just extract it and get the XML file.

STEP-II(Uploading Template);
Now, the turn comes to upload the template you downloaded before. Follow below steps;

  • Go to your dashboard.
  • Click on the drop down menu and then click on template.
  • Then click on 'Backup/Restore' button at the top right corner. A pop out window will appear.
  • Click on choose file in the pop out window.
  • Browse and select the XML file of your template you downloaded in STEP-I.
  • After you are done click on upload and you are done.
Now you have changed your template. ENJOY!!

Changing Your Blogger Favicon

According to Wikipedia,
A favicon also known as a shortcut iconWeb site iconURL icon, or bookmark icon, is a file containing one or more small icons, most commonly 16×16 pixels, associated with a particular Web site or Web page.
Still you have not got the point?? See the picture below;

The small icons which are marked with square are the favicon. A favicon is one of the supreme identity of a blog. It is a kind of logo that easily attracts people. So it is important. By default the favicon of a blog is the logo of blogger. In default templates it works fine. But what about custom templates? In this case the only solution is to add a custom favicon by yourself. So today we shall be discussing how to change the blogger favicon. Just follow below steps;

STEP-I(Rendering A Favicon);
Before you upload your favicon you need to have one. If you wanna use one of your image as favicon then just resize it into 16x16 pixels. But if you don't have any suitable image and also can't prepare a logo then try one of the below sites. These sites host favicon generator service;

If you have created your favicon from among these sites then it is OK  But if you still cannot prepare it then try this site. It host ready made favicons. You just need to download one of them. Now i think you have selected or got your favicon. If still you can't do it then contact me.

STEP-II(Uploading Your Favicon);
After you have got your desired favicon in your computer then it's time to upload it. There are many image hosting sites like blogger, picasa, flickr, etc. Just upload your favicon in one of the image hosting sites.
But before you upload you need to have your favicon bounded in the following criteria. I mean that you need to note these points before uploading your favicon;
  • Initially your favicon should compulsorily be of square shape and the best size of a favicon is 16x16 pixels. But if your favicon is of larger size then you need to resize it. For this you can use this tool.
  • Secondly your favicon should not be weighty. I mean it should not consume more memory. If it does then your blog will take longer time to load. So the best size is 10 kb for a favicon.
  • Finally, all browsers do not support favicons with .jpg, .gif or .png extension. To tweak it you will need to change it to .ico extension.
STEP-III(Changing Your Blogger Favicon);
Now it's turn to change your blog favicon. It is very easy. But be well informed that your favicon should meet the criteria mentioned in STEP-II. Now, follow some more steps;
  • Go to your blogger dashboard.
  • Click on the drop down menu and select layout.
  • Then on the top left corner of your layout you can see a view like below;
  • Click on edit link of the favicon.
  • Then click on choose file button and select your favicon which you got in STEP-I.
  • Then click on save button and you are done.
Note; After you change your favicon it takes some time to appear in your blog so in that case don't get frustrated and wait patiently and after some hours your favicon will appear in your favicon.

Adding RSS Button In Blogger

In my previous post I had explained to all of you guys the true meaning of RSS. There I had left a message of the post where I will be teaching the way to add RSS button in blogger. Afterwards I received many e-mails from my visitors. So this the continuation of my previous post.

Today in this post, we will be learning the simplified way to add RSS button in blogger.

With this you will have many benefits as well. I assure you that it is very easy. Just follow some few simple steps;

STEP-I(Getting The RSS Button);
You see before you add RSS button you need to get one of them. A RSS button is like the one above in my post. It is denoted by a dot and to arcs. You can get millions of them. Out of them just download one of them from the sites like;

Search the query RSS in their image search site and get a suitable one matching to your blog. Or if you can, you can also make one by yourself.

STEP-II(Uploading The Button);
After you have got the RSS icon you need to upload it. There are hundreds of image hosting sites out there. Some of them are;
Just upload your icon in one of the image hosting site. Then right click on the image you uploaded the click on "copy image URL". Now you have copied the direct link of your icon.(link ending with .jpg,.png or .gif)

STEP-III(RSS Button Code);
Here is the html code of RSS button. Just copy it;
<a href="" title="Subscribe For Free">
<img src="Rss icon URL" style="border:0"/>Subscribe to my feed</a>
Here in the above code replace,
  • "YourBlogname" with your own blog name.
  • "Rss icon URL" with the direct link of you RSS icon you got in STEP-II.
  • If you have your own feed address then replace the feed source in line one with your own feed address
STEP-IV(Adding RSS Button);
Now, it's turn to add RSS button to your blog. Just follow some steps;
  • Go to your blogger dashboard.
  • Click on the dropdown menu and select layout there.
  • Then you will see your blog page layout. There click on Add A Gadget in the place where you would like your button to appear. For best results keep in the top areas.
  • Then scroll down and select Html/Javascrript.
  • Then paste the code you edited with your own credentials in STEP-III in the vacant box and give the title of the widget.
  • Finally, click on orange save button and you are done.
Now you have successfully added a RSS button to your blogger.

What Is RSS?

You might have heard the word RSS in most of the famous sites.

Every one gets confused what it might be for the first time? So in this post we shall be discussing what RSS really is.
According to Wikipedia,
RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format. An RSS document (which is called a "feed", "web feed", or "channel") includes full or summarized text, plus metadata such as publishing dates and authorship.
The full form of RSS is Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication. As the feed of a newspaper RSS notifies a user about any update of the website which he has subscribed. Each of the visitor subscribed by RSS would be updated immediately about the update of the site. So it is of great value.

What would happen if there was no RSS?
If there was no RSS then the visitors would have the following problems;
  • Bear the burden to check site again and again.
  • The visitors might miss some of the important updates of the websites.
But due to the foundation of RSS it has tweaked the above problems in the following ways;
  • Notify all visitors after the update of the site immediately.
  • Save the time to search for the update.
  • Helps to track the visitors of a specific site.
Subscription via RSS..
RSS provides the facility for visitors to subscribe. Once subscribe the update of that site would be automatically be e-mailed to all of the subscribed visitors. So you see RSS is really a matter of satisfaction.

But how to subscribe via RSS?
Ya, it is a sure question from visitors. The answers for it is that you need to subscribe via e-mail. For it just go to the subscription link or a subscription form of the site and there enter your e-mail.

Subscribing To Blogger Smasher;
As a live example I am going to say you the easy way. You see most of the site provide subscription form, so do we. If you want to subscribe with us wither use the form at the top-right corner of the sidebar, or you can subscribe with us using the form just below;
If you want to learn the easy way to add RSS button to your blog then read my next post.
BYE for now!!

Not Getting Replies In Blogger Help Forum

In my previous post I wrote about the way to ask a question in a blogger forum. Today we shall be discussing the ways to get quicker replies.
get quicker replies from forums

As blogger forum is filled by many people, the amount of the question and replies are numerous. So sometimes it may happen that your question may not be replied. This post is not only for blogger forum but for all forums. Here are some tips I prepared last night for you guys;
  • Mention Your Blog Identification
If you are posting a question regarding your blog then your blog identification (Blog title,URL,etc.) is most necessary. If you mention it than others would not have problem to give the solution for your blog error. But if you don't mention it it would be extremely hard for all. So always mention your blog identity.
  • Mention your Browser and Template;
You always need to mention your browser and template(mention the template if you have serious problem regarding it). Some of the solution to your question given by the experts may work in some browsers but now with all of them. So to fix it it is best to mention your browser as well as it's version. The same goes with the template. In this case if you are using blogger default templates there's no need but if you are using third party template it would be better if you provide them your template download link or the source.
  • Use universal language(English);
A vital point for not getting quick replies is due to the asking of questions in native language(except english). There are huge sum of people who only know english language and giving solutions in english language is quite easy as it is universal. If the case is that you don't know english language than you would have to translate it somehow.
  • Appreciate Your Repliers;
Whenever a replier replies you, be sure you appreciate it. Even if the answer is not satisfactory you should appreciate it as they came all the way crawling to help you. But what to do if their are multiple answers to appreciate? In that case you need to do the following;
  1. Select the best answer to the reply you regard as the most helpful by clicking on "Mark as best answer".
  2. Click on the "up arrow" for other replies which were least helpful.
Mark my words friends and you would have your questions answered in no time. I hope it was hopeful.

Ask A Question In Blogger Help Forum

As a newbie there is lots of thing to do in this blogger world. As a active blogger you may be simultaneously writing the post and tweaking your templates and other blogger activities. But what if you fail to do one of them? What if you got some errors? And what if you want to contact an expert? There are many newbies who are facing such problems now and will be facing in future. One cannot simply ignore it as blogging is the thing learned from trials and errors.
In such condition there is only one logical and reliable way and it the blogger forum. According to wikipedia,
forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.[1] They differ from chat rooms in that messages are at least temporarily archived. Also, depending on the access level of a user or the forum set-up, a posted message might need to be approved by a moderator before it becomes visible.
 As blogger is itself a united forum of billions of people, the blogger forum is very popular. It is filled by all sorts of people starting from newbies like us to the experts. If you ever want to ask a blogger related question directly go to this forum. But how is it done? As a solution today in this post we will be learning the way to ask a question in the blogger help forum.
Asking a question;
You can ask any blogger related questions. Without any hesitation you can ask the simple matters also. Just take it like a help line. Proceed below;

  • Then after type in your queries(question title,type of post,category and explain your matter in the last big text box.
  • Finally click on the red POST button situated at the top.
  • Now, you have successfully asked a question in the Blogger Help Forum.
Then after some time your question would be answered. Cheers!

Create A Professional Looking Header in Blogger

Hi guys, Today when I was modifying my blog, a thinking scorched my mind. I thought it would be great if we can change our header and replace it with an attractive one. Yes, when i searched in google, I came upon sites which in fact dealt with such activities. So today we will be installing an attractive header.
    Further more header is the first thing where visitor’s sight will be directed towards. If your header is good then your whole site looks attractive and magnificent. So your visitors will be highly satisfied with you and frequently come to visit your site. So are you ready for this amazing blogger trick? Follow these few easy steps and it will lead you to your attractive header;

(STEP-I)Rendering A Header; Since you are installing a new header, it's obvious that you should create a one. There are many sites which render header. It doesn't take more time. Just you have to choose your style and colors you would like your header to appear. If you already have a header it is not needed to do so. Directly jump to step 2. But if you don’t have then go and create a new one in one of the followings:-
(STEP-2)Uploading The Header;
After you have created your own header then save it by downloading in an easy place where you can upload it easily. Follow these steps:-
  •    Sign in to your blogger account.
  •    Go to dashboard. Click on the drop down menu.
  •    Then click on layout.
  •    Click on edit button of Header.
  •    Click on browse and locate your headers locations and select it to upload.
  •    Be sure to tick on “instead of title and description”.
  •    Finally click on the orange save button.
  •    Enjoy your cool header.

Top Tips For Starting A Blog

Blogging is a vast world which grows deeper and deeper like a never ending circle. By blogging many people have made it their word or part time job also. For making their blog successful many people have applied many ways. Some were worth where as some went in vain.
Top Blogger Tips

Today in Blogger Smasher, I am going to give you guys some common successful tips that never went in vain. Be sure you read each of them thoroughly.
Here are the top common tips for starting a blog;
  1. Decide if you want to make a blog public or private. You can make it private going to setting>Permission.
  2. Monetize your Blog so that you can earn revenue by advertisements.
  3. Submit your sites to popular search engines like GoogleBingyahoo, etc.
  4. Advertise your Blog to other sites if you are capable to pay for it.
  5. When other comments you reply as soon as possible.
  6. Publish quality and long contents.
  7. Select a good template that matches with your blog.
  8. Be sure to separate plagiarism away from your site.
  9. Get traffic by pinging your blog.
  10. Give at least small credit to your contributors.
  11. Don’t copy others content if they are copyrighted.
  12. SEO friendly contents should be published.
  13. If you want to improve your blog, you can hire the experts.
  14. Unrevallent contents should not be published.
  15. Give chance to visitors to share your views worldwide by keeping sharing buttons.
  16. To build prestige in front of Google eyes guest post in some popular sites and participate in help forums.
  17. And the most important, always have patience within you. The blogging way can't be accomplished in a single day, month or a year. It moves slowly but steady  So always have patience and labour hard, and until you realize you would already become a blogger star.
I hope you guys are properly guided.Bye for now!!
The fact about blogger ID number

The fact about blogger ID number

As an active member of blogger you continuously go on improving and posting your blog. With the flow of time you become familiar with many widgets. You also use many third party services. But their might come a time when you need to provide blog ID number to the third party servers. What will you do at that time? You will try giving code related to others matter connected to your blog account but that won’t work. So today here is the tutorial for finding your blogger ID number.

1. Sign in to your blogger account.
2. Be forwarded to dashboard and click on the blog name whose ID number is to figured out.
3. After clicking your blog name a link more or less similar ""to this will appear in your address bar of your browser.
4. Here the number between "BlogID=" and "#overview" will be your blogger ID number.
Now let’s learn more about Blogger ID.
Blogger ID is a unique ID number provided to every blog. Each blog has its own ID. This ID helps to find the information of your blog.
But why is it necessary to know it? The answer to this is given below;
  • Sometimes when you ask some widgets from the third party servers they      ask for the Blogger ID. At that time you need to provide them your blogger ID.
  • When you ask help with others about specific purpose or hire a webmaster you need to submit it.
  • Moreover when you want to remove your navigation bar you want to find your blog ID too.
Hope you understand this. Stay updated from us by subscribing via email and other sources.

Different Parts OF Blogger Explained

Blogger is a free web hosting site. Many people are using it day by day. But all the people are not familiar with it. They may want some new widgets and instructions to develop their specific part. If we search in Google “Ways to improve my blog” then it will show results for all blogger parts. So the only solution is to understand the parts of blogger. Here in this post today I will explain the different parts of blogger. So if you know its mechanics then it will be a lot easier for searching widgets and other things. As mentioned before a blog is a free web hosting sites with many exciting features. Every blog is composed of five parts. They are explained below with a diagram;

1.    Header
It is the topmost part of a blog. It usually consists of blog title and description. You can utilize the side part of the header by splitting the header into two parts. It is the first place where visitors eye land so be careful with it and make it attractive.

2.    Nav-bar(navigation bar)
Nav-bar is the part of blog downward of the header. It contains various tabs usually called navitabs. Navitabs helps people to jump to another post, page or site. Especially categories or various sections of that blog are kept in navibar. It’s not compulsory to keep. We can also keep our custom search engine in it that lets our visitors search the required content. So it’s better to keep.

3.    Post Area
This is the area where your posts are visible. You can control the visibility of the posts by choosing how much post you want to show in your homepage. You should be keeping 10 or less than it because if you keep more it will make your sites loading time greater.

4.    Sidebar
Sidebar is an important part of blog where you keep different gadgets. Especially blog archive, subscriptions buttons, sharing tools and about me is kept in blog. You can add other widgets too. Apart from these you are allowed to encode your own html code for various widgets that makes the look of your site bonafide.

5.    Footer
It is the last part of the blog. Here the blog owners keep their links and names. Credits of the blog template are also written in footer. Apart from this you can keep widgets too in footer. But visitors don’t see their often so better to add in sidebar.
Introduction TO Blogger Smasher

Introduction TO Blogger Smasher

Hi! friends How are you all. This is my first day blogging and I am very happy today. Friends today I have opened this new blog with topic Blogger Smasher. My name is Ajaya Gajurel and I am a student aged 18. I just passed the school and I am in college now. 

I heard about blogger in a site requested by my friend and I am finding it very useful. So i made my mind to blog. I will be posting new blogger tricks and tips and also many widgets in the upcomming days. But I need the support of my precious friends. I hope I will get it and some day this Blogger Smasher will also soar higher along with the others famous blogs. So stay tuned my friends. Good bye and happy-blogging.