Adding RSS Button In Blogger

In my previous post I had explained to all of you guys the true meaning of RSS. There I had left a message of the post where I will be teaching the way to add RSS button in blogger. Afterwards I received many e-mails from my visitors. So this the continuation of my previous post.

Today in this post, we will be learning the simplified way to add RSS button in blogger.

With this you will have many benefits as well. I assure you that it is very easy. Just follow some few simple steps;

STEP-I(Getting The RSS Button);
You see before you add RSS button you need to get one of them. A RSS button is like the one above in my post. It is denoted by a dot and to arcs. You can get millions of them. Out of them just download one of them from the sites like;

Search the query RSS in their image search site and get a suitable one matching to your blog. Or if you can, you can also make one by yourself.

STEP-II(Uploading The Button);
After you have got the RSS icon you need to upload it. There are hundreds of image hosting sites out there. Some of them are;
Just upload your icon in one of the image hosting site. Then right click on the image you uploaded the click on "copy image URL". Now you have copied the direct link of your icon.(link ending with .jpg,.png or .gif)

STEP-III(RSS Button Code);
Here is the html code of RSS button. Just copy it;
<a href="" title="Subscribe For Free">
<img src="Rss icon URL" style="border:0"/>Subscribe to my feed</a>
Here in the above code replace,
  • "YourBlogname" with your own blog name.
  • "Rss icon URL" with the direct link of you RSS icon you got in STEP-II.
  • If you have your own feed address then replace the feed source in line one with your own feed address
STEP-IV(Adding RSS Button);
Now, it's turn to add RSS button to your blog. Just follow some steps;
  • Go to your blogger dashboard.
  • Click on the dropdown menu and select layout there.
  • Then you will see your blog page layout. There click on Add A Gadget in the place where you would like your button to appear. For best results keep in the top areas.
  • Then scroll down and select Html/Javascrript.
  • Then paste the code you edited with your own credentials in STEP-III in the vacant box and give the title of the widget.
  • Finally, click on orange save button and you are done.
Now you have successfully added a RSS button to your blogger.

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Thank you so much for your yelp; until I saw your tutorial I couldn't figure out how to add an rss button to my blog