Not Getting Replies In Blogger Help Forum

In my previous post I wrote about the way to ask a question in a blogger forum. Today we shall be discussing the ways to get quicker replies.
get quicker replies from forums

As blogger forum is filled by many people, the amount of the question and replies are numerous. So sometimes it may happen that your question may not be replied. This post is not only for blogger forum but for all forums. Here are some tips I prepared last night for you guys;
  • Mention Your Blog Identification
If you are posting a question regarding your blog then your blog identification (Blog title,URL,etc.) is most necessary. If you mention it than others would not have problem to give the solution for your blog error. But if you don't mention it it would be extremely hard for all. So always mention your blog identity.
  • Mention your Browser and Template;
You always need to mention your browser and template(mention the template if you have serious problem regarding it). Some of the solution to your question given by the experts may work in some browsers but now with all of them. So to fix it it is best to mention your browser as well as it's version. The same goes with the template. In this case if you are using blogger default templates there's no need but if you are using third party template it would be better if you provide them your template download link or the source.
  • Use universal language(English);
A vital point for not getting quick replies is due to the asking of questions in native language(except english). There are huge sum of people who only know english language and giving solutions in english language is quite easy as it is universal. If the case is that you don't know english language than you would have to translate it somehow.
  • Appreciate Your Repliers;
Whenever a replier replies you, be sure you appreciate it. Even if the answer is not satisfactory you should appreciate it as they came all the way crawling to help you. But what to do if their are multiple answers to appreciate? In that case you need to do the following;
  1. Select the best answer to the reply you regard as the most helpful by clicking on "Mark as best answer".
  2. Click on the "up arrow" for other replies which were least helpful.
Mark my words friends and you would have your questions answered in no time. I hope it was hopeful.

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