Introduction TO Blogger Smasher

Hi! friends How are you all. This is my first day blogging and I am very happy today. Friends today I have opened this new blog with topic Blogger Smasher. My name is Ajaya Gajurel and I am a student aged 18. I just passed the school and I am in college now. 

I heard about blogger in a site requested by my friend and I am finding it very useful. So i made my mind to blog. I will be posting new blogger tricks and tips and also many widgets in the upcomming days. But I need the support of my precious friends. I hope I will get it and some day this Blogger Smasher will also soar higher along with the others famous blogs. So stay tuned my friends. Good bye and happy-blogging.

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February 14, 2013 at 11:02 PM delete

Really a nice blog with a suiting design. Loved it..