The fact about blogger ID number

As an active member of blogger you continuously go on improving and posting your blog. With the flow of time you become familiar with many widgets. You also use many third party services. But their might come a time when you need to provide blog ID number to the third party servers. What will you do at that time? You will try giving code related to others matter connected to your blog account but that won’t work. So today here is the tutorial for finding your blogger ID number.

1. Sign in to your blogger account.
2. Be forwarded to dashboard and click on the blog name whose ID number is to figured out.
3. After clicking your blog name a link more or less similar ""to this will appear in your address bar of your browser.
4. Here the number between "BlogID=" and "#overview" will be your blogger ID number.
Now let’s learn more about Blogger ID.
Blogger ID is a unique ID number provided to every blog. Each blog has its own ID. This ID helps to find the information of your blog.
But why is it necessary to know it? The answer to this is given below;
  • Sometimes when you ask some widgets from the third party servers they      ask for the Blogger ID. At that time you need to provide them your blogger ID.
  • When you ask help with others about specific purpose or hire a webmaster you need to submit it.
  • Moreover when you want to remove your navigation bar you want to find your blog ID too.
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