5 Quick Traffic Boosting Tips

5 Quick Traffic Boosting TipsThere are millions of people existing in this world, and billions of thinking survives among us. It is the internet that has given our thinking a new view. Nowadays several websites have been created and many are being created timely.

But it’s all worth if it’s not seen, viewed or appreciated by others. So in this tutorial I will teach you the simple and very easy way to boost up your traffic and rankings too. And the very awesome thing is that these are completely free and lot easier. Now let’s begin:

  •    Submit your site;
A good idea for boosting your traffic is to submit it to different search engines, sites and directories. There may be many sites which offer to submit your site to numerous other sites and gobble up your money. Moreover many are costly and many of us do not have money to pay. So I will prefer you the following submission sites which will submit your site to others in weeks and even in days. Moreover they are free:

  1. http://www.freewebsubmission.com
  2. http://www.submitexpress.com
  3. http://www.submityoursite.com
  4. http://www.submitfree.com
  5. http://www.addme.com/
These submission sites will surely increase your sites traffic as it will submit it to whole over the world and when people search a keyword matching to yours you will get traffic.

  •    Ping your site
It is also a major way for accelerating your traffic. You just need to enter your site and keywords here. Then click submit and it will automatically ping your blog to many others. You can see the results of your site being pinged below of the same page. Another benefit of it is that it helps a lot for making your back links and I am sure that it will surely built yours traffic and back links too. You can submit your site regularly here but for best results submit it keeping a gap of least 7 days.

  •    Add your site to directories
Another way of gaining more traffic is to submit your site to various famous web directories. Whenever a person want to search anything he would go to a web directory and search his category there, and if your site appears there then it is sure that your traffic will be boosted. Some web directories cost money and some do not. Just browse the category you want your site to appear and follow instructions given and your site will appear there. In this way you can have advantage of free traffic.

  • Comment On Others Site;
Believe me friends. You can get a lot of traffic simply by commenting on others site. Just add a suitable comment and at the bottom mention your blog URL. This way people can get a follow back to your blog along with the admin of that blog.
  • Regular posting
And the final tip for making your traffic relatively good is to post on your site regularly. You should write good, original and considerable contents. The more you write equally more you will have visitors. If you wrote one post a month ago and one another month, then visitors will feel tired of visiting your site and getting nothing. So they will stop visiting your site and your traffic will go eventually down. So the best way of making good traffic is to write best posts.

I think the above steps must be helpful for you. If you follow these steps then surely your traffic will be more than 1000 a day which is a very good starting for beginners and masters to. The above tips also may give your adsense earnings a tremendous uplift. So hurry fast and grab the suggestions.

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Top 5 Best Adsense Alternatives

Top 5 Adsense AlternativesAdsense is the best advertising network in the world. But all the people are not so fortunate to be approved by it. However in this world, only adsense is not the only site that can be used for advertising.

There are other advertising networks that also pay high like adsense. The top 5 based on my experiences are listed below. If you are disapproved by adsense then only use them. But if you have an active account then don't as it may also cause your account to be suspended. More over which fool would choose other networks when they have an active adsense account which is the boss of  others. See the best alternatives below;
This is the second most popular network after adsense. It's even used by alexa, one of the most re-owned site is the world. Before applying see the site requirements. If you have met the criteria apply from the link here. After your application it will review your site and when accepted you will have access to advertsing.
This also a popular pay per click advertising site. Click the link above and sign up for this network. This networks have referrals also so i hope you will be able to make a handsome sum of money with it and earn your living.
This one is among my favorite advertising network. It doesn't actually put adds but instead keep blank boxes for keeping adds. Other people will click on it and buy it and their site will be visible there. So like this you will get a commission from this. After i own a custom domain i will be definitely using this. So stay tuned to advertise with us.
This is also an online advertising network. Sign up for a publisher account and star earning revenue. Display search targeted, mobile and local ads that are suited to your audience's interests, and earn revenue. Like adsense chitika also shows ads that matched with your content.
Another cool website. This one is a contextual online advertising and behavioral marketing company. Sign up for publisher account and put adds on your website/blog. This network also allows contextual advertising which means that words will be undelined by advertising link and you will have high chances of clicks.

Excluding Un-necessary Things From Blog Pages

Blogger allows its users to create only twenty pages. These pages are the unique blogger pages for custom customization. We would surely need to load those faster as they supply more advanced information.

If you see in one of our pages from the navigation tab you can see only the header and post. As for other layouts like sidebar and footer is excluded. Thus automatically our page loading will be faster.
See a preview of how a static page would really look like;
static page

I received many e-mails regarding this topic from several other people as well. It's very easy as we will be using CSS codes to hide other unnecessary stuffs. If so follow below;

1. Identifying The Excluding Things;

Before you can remove un-necessary things from your blog pages you will need to identify the parts of your blog layout. If you want to exclude widgets than you should find out their id and classes which can be learnt here. After you have identified your parts then proceed to next step.

2. Adding The Code;

After you have find the parts of your blog to be excluded you can proceed ahead;
  • Go to blogger dashboard>Template>Edit Html.
  • Find <body> tag in your template.
  • Then insert the below code just below <body>.
  1. For Designer Template;
  2. <!-- Static Page Styling Stats-->
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;static_page&quot;'>
    <style type="text/css">
    .sidebar,.lowerbar,.footer { 
    display:none !important;
    .main-inner .columns {
    width: 98%;
    padding-left:0 !important;
    padding-right:0 !important;
    <!-- http://bloggersmasher.blogspot.com  -->
    <!-- Static Page Styling Ends -->
  3. For Layout Template
  4. <!-- Static Page Styling Stats-->
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;static_page&quot;'>
    <style type="text/css">
    .sidebar,.lowerbar,.footer { 
    display:none !important;
    #main-wrapper {
    width: 98%;
     float:none; margin: 0 auto !important;
    <!-- http://bloggersmasher.blogspot.com -->
    <!-- Static Page Styling Ends -->
  • In the above code,
  1. Add the ID or sections which are to be excluded separated by comma in line 4.
  2. Change the width of your static page according to pixels or percentage in line 9.
  • Finally click on save and you are done.
Now, view your page and you will find your static page.

Changing The Mouse Cursor

Cursor is the most used thing to give input to computer. Each and every time our eyes are on it. So we can use that attraction for our benefit.
By using a simple CSS code we can change the mouse cursor so whenever others view our blog they will get an attractive cursor instead of the default boring cursor. If you don't believe me, see the live demo of this trick in our test blog.

So you wanna add this to your blog also. If so follow steps below;

1. Get The Cursor;

First of all before you can use your cursor you will need to get one. There are thousands of cursors available in the Internet. If you don't get it see these cursor hosting sites;
Just select one of them and download it. Then host it in image hosting sites like Picasa, Flickr, google,etc. and get the direct link of your cursor. Once you get it you can move on to next step.

2. Implementing The Cursor;

After you got the direct link you can now implement it in your blog;
  • Go to dashboard>Template>Customize>Advanced>Add CSS.
  • Add the below CSS code to your blog.
body, a, a:hover ,a:visited { cursor: url(YourCursorUrl), progress; }
  • In the above code change "YourCursorURL" with the direct link of the cursor you got in step 1.
  • Finally apply it and you are done.
Now, visit your blog and you will find a totally amazing cursor in your blog.

Design Your Blogger Template

After much time of the establishment of blogger, it had introduced blogger template designer. Now you can design your template yourself very easily using this amazing designer. It is very easy and smooth to use as well. You don't need to edit any sorts of codes. To use this template designer go to dashboard>template>customize.
Design Your Blogger Template

Using this template designer one can easily uplift the taste of his/her blog. The settings which this designer allows are;

  • Change Your Blogger Template.
  • Change your Blog Background.
  • Adjust the width of various sections of your blog.
  • Access the layout page.
  • Add CSS codes directly.
So, I recommend my pupil to use this designer for improving their blog.

Things To Avoid As Adsense Publisher

Things To Avoid As Adsense PublisherAs we all know what Adsense already is and it's amazing revenues and also of its strict rules and policies.

So in this Adsense world you have to move every step carefully.

Today we shall be discussing the five things to avoid as Adsense publisher. 

These were the things practiced by other publishers which resulted in their suspension. So this article is credited to them;

  • Never Click On Own Ads;

Clicking on your own ads is the most stupid thing to do. Ya it's true that clicking does increase your revenue but if you click on it then Adsense would take it your plot to earn money and so will disable your income.
Many people also request their friends to click on ads. But as Adsense is powered by google itself, so it has plenty of methods to know your plot and so will end up disabling your account.

  • Don't make your ads conjusted;

I had written the top places to get higher CRT but thinking that adding more ads in such places would increase your income is a great stupidity. It is mentioned in Adsense policy itself that only three rich media ads can be kept in a single page. So don't over conjust your ads or your Adsense account is sure to bid a bye.

  • Don't view your site more than needed;

As we know that Adsense provides money for impressions also. So when you view your site more than needed than definitely you will be getting more impressions. This way Adsense might think that you are knowingly doing this to increase your income and so you may be disqualified from Adsense team.

  • Don't Keep Other Ads In your Blog;

There might be other networks you might have joined before joining Adsense. But after getting accepted and implementing ad code it is best to remove your previous ads. There have been rumors of this causing many people to loose their accounts. I am also not sure but what I am trying is just to avoid any risks.

  • Never Use Autohits;

Autohits are severe disease for Adsense. If you have Adsense ads in your site and if you used Autohits for a single time then 100% you will loose your account. So never ever use Autohits in your life. They are for spammers not for us.

  • Never Modify The Codes;
When you get the ad code after creating an Ad unit never modify it. Some people might think to make the appearance of ad more better by modifying the codes, but the fact is that the ad codes are very vital and modifying and implementing the ad code in your blog might cause cancellation of your account.

  • Don't be over confident;

After you are approved don't get over confident that you are one of the sound person around. Over confidence is not useful here so never have it. Post in your blog frequently and do other things around normally and in a steady way.

These are only some primary things to avoid.
Do you know what are other??

Top Five Places On Blog To Add Ads

Top Five Places On Blog To Add AdsYou guys have already known to add ads in blog. But all the places in our blog is not suitable. There are places in blog which are meant for adding codes. Adding ads in other random places might bring a bad impression on the visitors.

So today we shall be discussing the top five places on blog to add the advertisements which receives good attention of people. This would increase your revenue greatly. You may consider adding your ads in these places and watch your revenue grow;
  • Top Header Part;
the most suitable place to add the ads is the top header part just at the right side of the header. This slot gets the maximum attention so adding rich media ads would be beneficial.
  • Sidebar;
Another interesting place in the homepage where visitors glance falls is the sidebar as it is the main navigation tool of your blog. All the widgets are almost added in sidebar. So we can add text/image ads which are bigger in this region.
  • Below Post Title;
As we know that the motive of the visitors is simply to see the posts. While seeing the post their first attraction becomes the top most part of the post. So if we keep an ad below post title then surely our CPC would boost.
  • Below Post;
After completing the post people would visit your downward part of blog. It may not be as effective as others but keeping an add below post is also a good idea.
  • Hot-spot Places;
Apart from other simple places, there might be some places to keep ads. for eg; the ad at the right side of the slideshow in the homepage of this blog is also a hot-spot place.
It is another effective slot to add your ads. This area is glanced by several visitors so just give it s try. You might have your luck work.

To be honest adding ads in these places has really helped. But don't think to add the ads in every places. No it is not so. I strictly recommend to add ads in some places, and mark my words friends, I meant only some places not all OK  Adding more ads in a single page might also lead you to rejection by Adsense. So do it carefully.

Showing Codes Using Syntax Highlighter

Sometimes there is great need to show some codes in tutorials. You can take an example of Blogger Smasher itself. If you are posting posts in tutorials then this sort of tool would come in handy! Before I had posted the tutorial of showing codes. There were much good comments. Normally we have to go at rapid pace in blogger development.
Showing Codes Using Syntax Highlighter

But that was soon removed, as for me I adapted to syntax highlighter. From today I would also like my dear friends to use this amazing tool. For this follow the steps below;

Adding Code;

Before using syntax highlighter, you will need to add the code for it. See below;
  • Go to Dashboard>Template>Edit Html.
  • Then find </body> tag in your template.
  • After you found the </body> tag insert the below code just above </body> tag;
<!--syntax highlighter code starts --> 
<link href='http://alexgorbatchev.com/pub/sh/current/styles/shCore.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/> <link href='http://alexgorbatchev.com/pub/sh/current/styles/shThemeDefault.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/> 
<script src='http://alexgorbatchev.com/pub/sh/current/scripts/shCore.js' type='text/javascript'/> <script src='http://alexgorbatchev.com/pub/sh/current/scripts/shBrushXml.js' type='text/javascript'/> 
<script src='http://alexgorbatchev.com/pub/sh/current/scripts/shBrushCss.js' type='text/javascript'/> <script src='http://alexgorbatchev.com/pub/sh/current/scripts/shBrushJScript.js' type='text/javascript'/>
<script type='text/javascript'> SyntaxHighlighter.config.bloggerMode = true; SyntaxHighlighter.all();
<!-- http://bloggersmasher.blogspot.com -->
<!-- syntax highlighter code ends -–>
  • Then save your template.

Using Syntax Highlighter;

After you have added the above code we can now use syntax highlighter. To use it see below;
  • First of all you will need to escape your code which you want to show using this tool.
  • Then copy the code below;
<pre class="brush: js">
Code Here
  • In the above code replace "code here" with the code you escaped using the tool.
  • Then copy the whole code and place it in html editor and save it.
Now, you can also see your code highlighted as mine.
Happy Blogging!

Troubleshoot:Cannot Delete My Gadget?

Sometimes when you click on edit link on any gadget you don't get the delete button. You may feel quite uneasy when you won't see the delete button. Now, how to delete it? The same was that problems with people in forums too.

So as a solution I am writing this post for all of you;
When you don't get the delete button, it resembles that the gadget you are trying to delete is locked. You can find the locked widgets easily as locked widgets cannot be moved but other can. To delete the locked gadget follow below;

Deleting The Locked Widget;

  • Go to Dashboard>Template>Edit HTML.
  • In your template code search for the ID of the locked widget. If you don't know how to find widget ID, then see this tutorial.
  • Then remove the line containing the ID and save it and you are done.

Moving The Locked Gadget;

  • If you want to move it then you would have to change (locked="true") into (locked="false") in the same line and the save your template.
  • Then go to your layout and move it according to your wish and save it.
Now, you are done deleting the locked widget.
Happy Blogging!

Finding The Widget Id And Section

You might have added several widget in your blog. Each widget has it's own ID and Section. It's good to know the way to find it as their are some benefits of it such as;

  1. While styling the widget you will need to use it as a selector. ( To use an Id as a selector, you need to add the pound sign “#” as a prefix, as in#YourWidgetId {} ).
  2. To access the widget content, use it with Javascript getElementById method.
So, you got it's importance ya. Now, let's find the widget ID and Section. Follow below steps;

Finding Widget ID & Section;

  • In your blog Layout click on edit on any widget.
edit widget
  • The widget editing will pop-out. See the URL of that dialog box.
Finding The Widget Id And Section
  • See a preview below and the part highlighted by black rectangle. The first one is the section and the second one is the ID of the widget you clicked edit.
  • Thus, you have found the widget section and ID.
This way you can find the widget ID and section of any widget easily.

Adding Adsense Codes In Blog

Before you might have applied for Adsense ya! Then Adsense would review your site and if it matches with their policy then it is accepted by Adsense. After the approval you won't earn money just by watching. You will need to add the ads codes. Today we shall be adding the Adsense ad codes to our blog;

Getting The Ad Code;

  • Go to Adsense homepage.
  • Sign in with your google account.
  • There click on "My Ads" tab.
  • Click on New Add Unit.
  • Fill up the ad form provided and then click on save and get code.
  • You will be provided with the ad code in a pop out window.
  • Copy it and proceed to next step.

Adding the ad to blog;

  1. Go to dashboard>layout.
  2. There click on add a gadget in the place where you would like your ad to appear.
  3. Choose HTML/JavaScript and paste the copied code in the content box.
  4. Finally click on save and you are done.
It would take some time before your blog shows the ad you have just added. After some minutes your blog would show live ads straight from Adsense.

Rejected By Adsense, What To Do?

Rejected By Adsense, What To Do?In Adsense world, the number of people who are disapproved exceeds even that of people who get approved. If you are one of those who were disapproved it's no great deal, as there are millions like you.

Let me tell you a thing of past. There was a time before some years when Adsense was a new program; it accepted every sorts of application without reviewing the blog. It's quite amazing ya. But it's the truth. The reason why Adsense adopted strict policies is because of the growing spam and spam.

People stopped to write unique content and rather started to blog solely for money. Eventually the spammers grew and it’s the ultimate truth that adsense doesn’t provide money for nothing. So, the strict rules were adopted. I know that you guys are not just copying contents, but rather write what you know only, but due to the reasons I mentioned above Adsense might disapprove you. If it’s the case then you might consider reading the points below.

The first thing to do after getting rejected is to know that our blog has still some requirements left. Some of the requirements of Adsense are given below;
  • You should have a minimum of 70-80 posts and go on writing.
  • Your posts should consist plenty of quality content.Never make a post consisting images only as Adsense bots read only text.Images are to impress visitors not Adsense.
  • The content in your site should not be matching exactly as another site, as it would be a copy work and Adsense don't like this.
  • You should blog about something that is more different, not the things which are blogged hundreds of times.
  • Your site should get plenty of traffic. To be exact you should get 50+ traffic a day.
  • A blog having high PR is much appreciated by Adsense. So build quality back links.
  • Participation in Google Product Forums can eventually be the reason for your acceptance. So actively participate in Google Forums.

If you have the above requirements then without doubt I assure you that you will be accepted by adsense after you re-apply. But after getting approved don’t do any mistakes or you will have your account disqualified.
Happy Blogging my friends and happy earning with adsense as well...

The Review Process Of Adsense Explained

The Review Process Of Adsense ExplainedThere are thousands of sites who fill up the form for Adsense. Out of them only a few of them get accepted.

The reason for this is the review process of Adsense. Adsense has its own way to review the sites. The review steps of Adsense is divided into three steps. Each steps is done cautiously. They are described below;

1. First step;

The first review process is done by the Adsense bots. These bots are very intelligent machine powered by the ideas of the finest men around. The whole part if your blog is scanned thoroughly in this step. If the site is good and matches with the policy it approved the site and this you receive a mail of confirmation.
If not then you will receive a mail of declination. As the bots are just machines their might be rare cases of acceptance of spam or fake blogs also in this step.

2. Second Step;

After the first review step Adsense requests you to implement the ad code. Unless you implement your ad code the review process would not proceed. After the implementation of ads the second step starts. Here you won't see the ad you kept as it was just to verify you as it's owner.
In this step real people check upon your site. If the site is good your site is accepted and if not you would be tossed aside.
Upon accepting your blog, the ad you implement would show up. As soon as it shows up it is confirmed that you have been accepted in the review process.

3. Third Step;

this step is the never ending review process done by the bots. Even after you start earning revenues your blog is continuously scanned along with all other sites by the bots. It is the safety measure to make sure your site is free of plagiarism now and in future. Even after you start earning money if Adsense bots detects any sort of plagiarism in your blog then they would disqualify you.

So these were the review process of Adsense explained by me. With time running on Adsense would certainly tighten its policy and so would the review process be more strict. So always be honest with Adsense.

How To Apply For Adsense?

How To Apply For Adsense?I had written a post earlier about the Introduction to Adsense. But many people are still having problems applying for Adsense.
Infact they have even started asking it in forums too.

So today here in this post we shall be discussing about the proper and also probably the revalent method to apply for Adsense. So, let's begin...>>

Applying For Adsense;

1.    Go to the Adsense application form from here.
2.    Sign in with your Google account and you will be given a form.
3.    Fill up the form very carefully with correct information.
4.    Click on submit and you will be viewing the data you entered.
5.    Check if it is correct. If not go back to edit and if correct you can submit.
Now, you have properly applied for Adsense. It would take a maximum of 48 hrs for Adsense to review your site. If your site matches with their policy then you will get an approval e-mail requesting to implement the ad code. After you implemented the code your blog would be hosting live ad straight from Adsense.

But if your site doesn't comply with their policy then you will get a rejection e-mail from them. In such cases you can re-apply again after improving your blog. This failure gives you a chance to do better next time. Don’t get upset thinking that you failed to qualify adsense review. Some people might even say you will never be approved but the fact is that after improving the blog you would have the approval chance more that what you had at the first point.

Google AdSense : Everything you need to know

As I mentioned earlier that no one is perfect in this blogging related matters. We get to know thing only from trials and errors. As for Adsense the same thing applies. But the strict rules and regulations of Adsense has forced the dear users to follow whatever others say as they fear for their account to be ceased.

This is a great problem as we are following the suggestions blindly without practicing them. But due to Google policies practicing is not allowed. There are thousands of people who are following the same activity. There problems is the same as this. A single mistake and the game is over. So we have to be extremely careful about Adsense. Even we are new to Adsense we mustn't follow wrong paths. But as we are a human not a machine some mistakes happens by us. In such condition where to get the correct information. The only solution for this is the Adsense help forum.

This forum is a public Google product forum for Adsense only. You can go to this forum from here. In this forum you can ask whatever you want as Adsense provides a wide scope of the variety of the questions. Ranging from the start-up to the degree level questions can be asked here. This forum would provide the solution to each query you have. The major helpers are the top contributors and the rising stars who help millions of Adsense people globally.

Asking A Question In Adsense Help Forum;

You might have tons of queries to ask ya. If you couldn't figure out the way to ask a question then see below;

  • Go to Adsense help forum.
  • You will be provided with many categories. Just choose the one with which the question you are trying to ask is related.
  • Then click on Post A Question. Fill up your form properly and then click on post and you will have your question posted in Adsense forum.
  • You will be automatically emailed if anyone replies and thus you can solve your Adsense related issues.
So it's pretty good to hang around for Adsense related matters as it's the only place where I feel safe. I guess it is the same for you ya??
Good Bye!

Using Post Title Instead Of Old And New Post

You might have see older post and newer post link at the below part of each blog post. They are the links to the post publish a step earlier and later. Actually most of the people don't pay much attention to it as they don't attract much visitors.
But by replacing the old post and new post text with their post titles, remaining the link same, we can attract much more visitors, as we've seen in Harry Potter where we're busy seeing the exploration of wonders of wizarding world!  
This trick surely looks cool, isn't it. After all it's meant to be cool, hehe, just kidding. Now we shall move forward to accomplish this trick. Follow below;

1. Adding Jquery Code;

Before you implement this trick you will need to add a Jquery code. If you have already added this Jquery code while doing other blogger tricks then you don't need to add it again. Just skip it and go for next step. See below for how to add Jquery code;
  • Go to dashboard>Template>Edit Html.
  • Then in your template search for </head> tag and insert the below code just above </head>;
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.4/jquery.min.js">
  • Now, save your template and go for next step.

2. Adding The JavaScript Code;

This trick is only possible because of Javascript. We will need to add it. Follow below;
  • Go to you template code;dashboard>Template>Edit Html.
  • Then find for </body> tag and paste the below code  just above </body>.
<script type='text/javascript'>
var newerLink = $("a.blog-pager-newer-link").attr("href"); 
$("a.blog-pager-newer-link").load(newerLink+" .post-title:first", function() { 
var newerLinkTitle = $("a.blog-pager-newer-link").text(); 
$("a.blog-pager-newer-link").text("<< " + newerLinkTitle); 
var olderLink = $("a.blog-pager-older-link").attr("href"); 
$("a.blog-pager-older-link").load(olderLink+" .post-title:first", function() { 
var olderLinkTitle = $("a.blog-pager-older-link").text(); 
$("a.blog-pager-older-link").text(olderLinkTitle + " >>");//rgt 
  • Now click on template and you are done.

3. Styling The Posts Links;

Sometimes it happens that your post name may be a bit more longer than usual, or you may like to change it's colour to suit your taste. If this is the case then;
  • Add the below CSS code to your blog;
#blog-pager-newer-link  {

#blog-pager-older-link {
  • You can directly edit the CSS above. Adjust according to your need and save it.

Adding Auto Read More Link With Thumbnail

Adding Auto Read More Link With ThumbnailBefore some days I had published a post regarding blogger jump break feature. But many people had problems so I thought to provide my visitors with a more flexible auto read more link.

But first of all I would like to distinguish it from blogger page break. As we know that blogger jump break requires to be included in each post but auto read more link doesn't requires to place any code while editing your post.

And the most important feature which it has is that it also displays thumbnail which the default jump break doesn't. You just have to add a one time code in your template and you are done.

Just follow the steps below;
  • Go to dashboard>Template>Edit Html.
  • Click on Expand Widget's Template.
  • Then search for </head> tag in your template.
  • After finding this tag, you should copy the below code and paste it just after </head>;
<!-- Auto read more script Start -->
<script type='text/javascript'>
var thumbnail_mode = "yes"; //yes -with thumbnail, no -no thumbnail
summary_noimg = 430; //summary length when no image
summary_img = 340; //summary length when with image
img_thumb_height = 200;
img_thumb_width = 200;
<script type='text/javascript'>
function removeHtmlTag(strx,chop){ 
  var s = strx.split("<"); 
  for(var i=0;i<s.length;i++){ 
    s[i] = s[i].substring(s[i].indexOf(">")+1,s[i].length); 
  strx =  s.join(""); 
 chop = (chop < strx.length-1) ? chop : strx.length-2; 
 while(strx.charAt(chop-1)!=' ' && strx.indexOf(' ',chop)!=-1) chop++; 
 strx = strx.substring(0,chop-1); 
 return strx+'...'; 

function createSummaryAndThumb(pID){
 var div = document.getElementById(pID);
 var imgtag = "";
 var img = div.getElementsByTagName("img");
 var summ = summary_noimg;
        if(thumbnail_mode == "yes") {
 if(img.length>=1) { 
  imgtag = '<span style="float:left; padding:0px 10px 5px 0px;"><img src="'+img[0].src+'" width="'+img_thumb_width+'px" height="'+img_thumb_height+'px"/></span>';
  summ = summary_img;
 var summary = imgtag + '<div>' + removeHtmlTag(div.innerHTML,summ) + '</div>';
 div.innerHTML = summary;
<!-- Auto read more script End -->
  • Now search for this piece of code; <data:post.body/>
  • After finding <data:post.body/> replace it with the below code;
<!-- Auto read more code Start -->
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;static_page&quot;'>
<div expr:id='&quot;summary&quot; + data:post.id'><data:post.body/></div>
<script type='text/javascript'> createSummaryAndThumb(&quot;summary<data:post.id/>&quot;);
<a class='more' expr:href='data:post.url'>Read more ...</a>
<!-- Auto read more code End -->
  • Finally save your template and you are done.

Some Tweaks;

Here are some tweaks that you can perform in the code;
  1. You may find <data:post.body/> twice or thrice. If it is the case than i strongly recommend you to choose the first one.
  2. You can change the value of "img_thumb_height" and "img_thumb_width" to change the height and width of the thumbnail in pixels respectively.
  3. You can edit the value of "summary_noimg" and "summary_img" to change the number of characters to appear when there is no image and when there is image respectively.
  4. Change "Read more ..." with the text to appear as read more link. For eg:see more>>,get more>>,show more..,etc.
Now, you can see your auto read more link working perfectly in your site. I expect that you will get more improvements. BYE!

Easiest Way To Add Read More Link

Hi friends! As we are already known about the awesome built in features of blogger and the cool facility it provides to its users. Today we shall be discussing one of those features and that is Jump Break.
Easiest Way To Add Read More Link
Simply in a blog whole the content of posts appear ya. In such cases it would make the loading of the blog much slower and it is a great thing to be worried. But blogger has solved this solution by creating this feature so that wherever the jump break tag is kept, up to that much part of an post will appear. This way visitors should click on the read more link and the full content would now appear. See how cool this feature is. It is very easy to add indeed. Just follow some steps below;

  • Lets assume that you are editing a post and you're going to publish it. 
  • Before publishing see your menu bar of the post editor. There you can see a page like icon on the right side.
  •  Click your cursor in the post up to where you would like your post to be displayed in homepage. Then click on that page icon and a horizontal line would appear. It is the jump break.
  • Now publish your post and preview your homepage. You would see your post containing read more.

Happy Blogging pals!!

Getting To Know Google Adsense

According to Wikipedia,
Google Adsense is a program run by Google Inc. that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, and rich media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience. These adverts are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.
As we already know adsense is a free program run by google, it is a simple way to monetize your site. Like other sites, it displays ads on the publishers site and when ever a visitor of publisher site clicks on the ads on that site google adsense pays that site revenue.

But google adsense has been able to remain in the first position in the advertising networks. Why? Why every one applies for adsense primarily? Why is that adsense has come to be some popular? I know that you all might be facing such queries. Thus today, topic is google adsense. You will be getting your answers to the queries in this post;

  • Advertising In Adsense;

Adsense is a free Monetization programme which ranks first in the PPC (Pay Per Click) company powered by google. Google uses another programme called Adwords as an advertising method. It is due to the only Adwords that supports the foundation of Google. Regarding google as a trustful friend, many people advertise their sites using Adwords. The same advertising is shown by adsense in our blogs.
Thus adsense is only for publishers whereas adwords is only for advertisers.

  • Most Strict And Polite Company;

As we all know that adsense is a publishing programme and people get money by revenue, so it has it's own rules. The policy created by adsense can be read  during the application of form. It would be a very surprising fact that adsense has the most strict rules and policies. No, other company's policy dare to stand against that of adsense.

More over the acceptance and deletion of any account either that 1 century old or 1 day, can be deleted by adsense if it founds a single error. So i warn your friends click your ads a single time and you will be bidding bye to adsense.
But it is not the only thing.

But adsense can be polite at the same time. It has the highest revenue share among all companies. More over the ads it provides is related to the content. So, the ads always matches. Every year on the birthday of adsense it gifts bonuses to it's members. Thus we can conclude that adsense is strict but can be polite at the same time.

  • Highest Paying Company;

As mentioned before, due to the presence of strict rules the advertisers become more lured and always advertise their site with Adwords. Because they know that adsense is strict and even their single money won't go wastage.

This way advertisers get new clients, where as the income of google go on increasing at a rapid pace and also that of it's whole team i.e. adsense,google employs,etc. Thus whole the google related area ultimately develops their earning amount.

  • Most Revalent And Targeted Ads;

The ads appearing on our blogs by adsense is always matching our content. For eg: if my blog is of math then the ads would be of maths related section. This way our blog and ads do not mismatch and we can get much more clicks from our visitors.

But I have seen some programs which always displays ads of some nonsense things that remains same throughout the life and never changes. I meant they changes ever hardly. Even if we enter the correct category, the ads of are different. But for adsense it is completely different. It doesn't prompt to mention any category or section. Instead it scans the content and serves the ads similar to it.

  • More Flexible And Simpler;

Adsense provides it's users with a more flexible and simpler interface. We can get tons of ad types to show in our blog. More over when there are no ads also we can show them by using an alternate site. This is the specialty of adsense. This system can be rarely be seen on other sites.

To sum up in a nutshell, Adsense is a great program that support several people their living. In fact it has been a boon for people to make their dream turn into reality. It has also helped and supported me to live a living I had always dreamt of. So, I personally want to thank Adsense for this.

See Also;

Top Five Traffic Building Tactics

A monkey without tail and a blog without traffic are same. Traffic means everything for blog. The reason why every one opens a blog is to have more traffic so as to build their image in front of their visitors.

Without traffic your site will be a complete failure even if you write unique posts. Today to tweak this problem we shall be discussing the top methods of building the traffic. These tips are 100% original and I assure you that they would bring no harm to your site. So here are the tips;

Google, yahoo and Bing are the top three search engines and the number of searches in a single day exceeds the expectation of a person. With thousands of users crawling in them they might also bring plenty of traffic to your site. To do it you will need to index your site. See this tutorial for submitting your site in google and see this article for bing and yahoo. After you submit your site there should be plenty of visits to your sites daily. The traffic from such resources are organic and would surely donate to boost up your ranks.

  • Use the power of social media;

Apart from search engines, social media are also filled up with users. There might be rarely someone who doesn't know social media in Internet. It's because of this very popularity that social medias has a good chances of bringing more traffic to your site. Just you will need to create profiles in social medias and it will soon be followed by someone. Then start sharing your blog to the people through your social profile. This way we can conclude that by using the power of social media we can get much more traffic.

  • Using forums;

There are lots of people who are crawling on forums so as to get their answer for their queries. So you can go to forums and start answering their queries mentioning your blog URL. This way they will come to your blog to follow the tutorial and will be satisfied. Most of the first time visitors book mark your site to come back if needed. This way you will be awarded with plenty of traffic and will ultimately led you towards your goal.

  • Advertise Your Blog;

Advertising can be the best option for getting traffic if you can afford money. There are hundreds of advertising sites like Adwords,clicksor,bidvertiser,etc.. But the one which I recommend for you is Adwords. If affording money is not the problem, then by advertising your site with Adwords for at least 2 years and you can get thousands of clients matching your content. If you like you can use other advertising networks as well.

  • Writing more content;

The most important thing for a blog to succeed is to go on writing continuously. This way you can get lots of traffic automatically. A blog without posts can get no traffic even if you tried your best. So keep on writing content which are free from any violations. And most important thing is that you will need to publish content which are unique and original and that is sure to get plenty of searches.

Now, I certainly believe that your site will get plenty of visits daily which will soon lead over your success as a blogger.
Enjoy with your new visitors. Bye friends!!

Get Rid Of Spam Comments

Today we shall be discussing a comm topic, spam comments. What actually are spam comments? Most of the bloggers don't know this and it's been quite a problem as nowadays there has been many issues in the forums too. So I would rather call this post an discussion and I have a belief that you people will soon comment some suggestions.
First of all let me start from what spam comments really are?

Spam comments are those comments which are not published by normal people. They are comments generated by machines or bots. Spam comments may have advertising links and do not describe what your post actually is. They are not likely to be watched.

Now lets come to the solution of spam comments. You can get rid of those ridiculous spam comments by the following ways;

1. Use Captcha;

Captcha is the probably the most basic and popular way to stop spam comments. By using Captcha while commenting in your blog, the commentators should type an additional verification code given and it is refreshed in every page view. To apply it follow below given steps;
  • Go to dashboard>settings>posts and comment.
  • There below comments sub-heading click on Show Word Verification pull down menu.
  • Select Yes and save the settings and you are done.

2. Disable Comments By Anonymous;

Allowing anonymous to comment would allow people of all sorts to comment without verifying their identity. This way the spam comments would have a big hand and come to our blog in more amount. So we need to disable it.

To disable it follow below steps;

  1. Go to dashboard>settings>posts and comments.
  2. There in below the comment sub-heading click on "registered users" and save the settings.
  3. Now, only registered users including open id are able to comment on your blog.

I hope you guys are guided well.
Happy Blogging without spammers!!

Adding Custom Search Engine Box

Hi guys! I want you to see my blog navbar. Now see on its right side what do you see? You might very well see a search box. If you couldn't find out see the preview below;
Custom Search Engine Box
It's interesting isn't it. That box searches the content of only my blog so if the people cannot find the tutorials the they can use that is to search fort those tutorials. A very delighting fact is that this search engine uses the same mechanism as google itself as it is powered by blogger. So that we can be assured that the other people will get relevant results. Adding a custom search engine is easy. Just follow the steps below;

1. Creating The Search Box;

Before you add the search box, you will need to create one. It is easy,but for better understanding I have kept images as well. Se below;
  • Go to google custom search engine.
  • There click on Create A Custom Search Engine.
  • You will be provided with a form. Fill up with correct credentials;

  1. In the form you can add multiple sites to search if you want. If not enter your blog URL only.
  2. English is the universal language. So, I suggest you to choose it. But if your blog has readers from a specific country you can choose the language of the country.
  3. After you are done click on "Create" button.
  • After you click on Create you will redirected to the page where you will get your box code.
  • Copy the unique code given among the whole code. That unique code is the code of your search box. Remember, you just need to copy the code like in the above image.

2. Search Box Code;

After you have successfully got the unique code we can move to next step. Now, we will add it in our blog. See the below steps;
  • Copy the given code;
<!-- Search box code Starts --> 
<div style="color:#000000;float:right;margin:2px 8px 0 0 ;"> 
<form action="http://bloggersmasher.blogspot.com/p/search-results.html" id="cse-search-box"> 
<input type="hidden" name="cx" value="Your Unique Id" /> 
<input type="hidden" name="cof" value="FORID:10" /> 
<input type="hidden" name="ie" value="ISO-8859-1" /> 
<input style="margin-bottom:2px;" type="text" name="q" size="31" /> 
<input type="submit" name="sa" value="Search" /> 
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.google.com/cse/brand?form=cse-search-box&amp;lang=en"></script> 
<!-- Search box codes Ends -->
  • In the above code replace;
  1. "http://bloggersmasher.blogspot.com/p/search-results.html" with the URL of your blank page where you want the search results to appear. If you don't have any blank page then create a new page by going to Dashboard>Pages>Create A New Page. Don't write anything there and publish it.
  2. "Your Unique Id" with your unique code you got it previous step.
Now, copy the code replaced by your credentials.

3. Adding Search Box To Blog;

You can keep this search to whatever place you desire. Let's know the way to add it to your blog. Follow below steps;
  • Go to dashboard>Layout.
  • Click on Add A Gadget and choose Html/Javascript.
  • Paste the code you got in step-2.
  • Click on save and you are done.
I hope you guys have successfully completed this work. If you have anything to say then comment below.