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As I mentioned earlier that no one is perfect in this blogging related matters. We get to know thing only from trials and errors. As for Adsense the same thing applies. But the strict rules and regulations of Adsense has forced the dear users to follow whatever others say as they fear for their account to be ceased.

This is a great problem as we are following the suggestions blindly without practicing them. But due to Google policies practicing is not allowed. There are thousands of people who are following the same activity. There problems is the same as this. A single mistake and the game is over. So we have to be extremely careful about Adsense. Even we are new to Adsense we mustn't follow wrong paths. But as we are a human not a machine some mistakes happens by us. In such condition where to get the correct information. The only solution for this is the Adsense help forum.

This forum is a public Google product forum for Adsense only. You can go to this forum from here. In this forum you can ask whatever you want as Adsense provides a wide scope of the variety of the questions. Ranging from the start-up to the degree level questions can be asked here. This forum would provide the solution to each query you have. The major helpers are the top contributors and the rising stars who help millions of Adsense people globally.

Asking A Question In Adsense Help Forum;

You might have tons of queries to ask ya. If you couldn't figure out the way to ask a question then see below;

  • Go to Adsense help forum.
  • You will be provided with many categories. Just choose the one with which the question you are trying to ask is related.
  • Then click on Post A Question. Fill up your form properly and then click on post and you will have your question posted in Adsense forum.
  • You will be automatically emailed if anyone replies and thus you can solve your Adsense related issues.
So it's pretty good to hang around for Adsense related matters as it's the only place where I feel safe. I guess it is the same for you ya??
Good Bye!

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