Finding The Dimension Of Anything On Screen

Hey guys! Wouldn't it be a great thing if we could somehow measure the size of an image on screen. If I was possible or if anything like measuring size of anything on screen the. We could develop our blog efficiently. During the duration of blogging we may need to add images in a specific part whose size is unknown than this sort of tool would come in handy ya!

Now today we shall be using this amazing tool. It is a very simple or rather we say it an extension for browser. The name of this amazing tool is "Measure It". You will need to get it. But don't worry as Blogger Smasher team is here to help you. Please follow some steps below;
  • Go to this in a new tab)
  • Then under the measure it tool click Fx for firefox, Cr for chrome & Sf for safari.
  • The extension will be downloaded to your browser. It will support only three browsers which are chrome, Firefox and safari.
  • Then install it and you are done.

Proper Way To Use "Measure It";

  • Click on the icon of Measure It in the extension bar.
  • Then a "+" cursor will appear.
  • Drag it and you will find the dimension(length and height) of the specific place in pixels.
I hope you would like this tool. Please consider donating it's creator here, if you want to.
Bye Bloggers!

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