Finding The Widget Id And Section

You might have added several widget in your blog. Each widget has it's own ID and Section. It's good to know the way to find it as their are some benefits of it such as;

  1. While styling the widget you will need to use it as a selector. ( To use an Id as a selector, you need to add the pound sign “#” as a prefix, as in#YourWidgetId {} ).
  2. To access the widget content, use it with Javascript getElementById method.
So, you got it's importance ya. Now, let's find the widget ID and Section. Follow below steps;

Finding Widget ID & Section;

  • In your blog Layout click on edit on any widget.
edit widget
  • The widget editing will pop-out. See the URL of that dialog box.
Finding The Widget Id And Section
  • See a preview below and the part highlighted by black rectangle. The first one is the section and the second one is the ID of the widget you clicked edit.
  • Thus, you have found the widget section and ID.
This way you can find the widget ID and section of any widget easily.

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