Free HTML Encoder Tool

Hello guys! Today I am bringing you an amazing tool. A free Html Encoder Tool. It will encode the especial characters in a single click.
Free HTML Encoder Tool

As you all know what HTML already is ya and how important it is for blogger. But sometimes (like while commenting) the HTML codes like <,>,",etc won't work. It will instead mess up the site. SO as a solution this Html encoder tool is made.
The code in HTML are encoded like this
  • '<' will be encoded to  '&lt;'
  • '>' will be encoded to   '&gt;'
  • '"' (double quote) will be encoded to   '&quot;'
  • ''' (single quote) will be encoded to   '&#039;'
  • '&' becomes '&amp;'
I hardly can guess people who can encode all these codes. Sometimes we may mistake also. So, don't worry. Here is the tool;

HTML Encoder By Blogger Smasher

Some tips to use this tools are;
  • Type in your code.
  • Then hit encode and it will be encoded.
  • Copy it and paste it in your site.
Happy Blogging!!

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