Introducing You To Labels

Labels are a category of the posts you publish. You might have published many posts. But when the times comes to categorize posts then the best function that comes in mind are the labels. It is an excellent way to categorize your vast posts.

In a label a specific name used for category is given. In the same name the posts are published. This way the posts will appear in homepage, but they also appear in label specific page.

Using Labels In Blogger;

Using label in blogger is very quick and simple. If you wan to use label follow below steps;
  • Lets us consider that you are in the post editor and are writing a post.
  • On the right side you will some Post Settings. In the post settings click on "Labels".
  • After you click on Labels, type in your category name in which the post you were currently writing falls. You can give multiple category names to a single post by separating the labels by commas. Number of labels per each post is 20.
  • Then click on done and after you publish your post, your post will be a part of that label.
Continue doing same activity for other posts you write. If you can make up some category for some posts  you can label them "other".

Now, perhaps you might want to show off your readers a list of your labels as category. For it follow below steps;
  • Go to dashboard>Layout.
  • There click on Add A Gadget in the place where you would like your category to appear.
  • Then choose Labels among the gadgets provided in the pop-out menu.
  • Rename the title as "Category".
  • Then style it's appearance and functions.
  • Finally click on save and you are done.
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Happy Blogging!!

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