Things To Avoid As Adsense Publisher

Things To Avoid As Adsense PublisherAs we all know what Adsense already is and it's amazing revenues and also of its strict rules and policies.

So in this Adsense world you have to move every step carefully.

Today we shall be discussing the five things to avoid as Adsense publisher. 

These were the things practiced by other publishers which resulted in their suspension. So this article is credited to them;

  • Never Click On Own Ads;

Clicking on your own ads is the most stupid thing to do. Ya it's true that clicking does increase your revenue but if you click on it then Adsense would take it your plot to earn money and so will disable your income.
Many people also request their friends to click on ads. But as Adsense is powered by google itself, so it has plenty of methods to know your plot and so will end up disabling your account.

  • Don't make your ads conjusted;

I had written the top places to get higher CRT but thinking that adding more ads in such places would increase your income is a great stupidity. It is mentioned in Adsense policy itself that only three rich media ads can be kept in a single page. So don't over conjust your ads or your Adsense account is sure to bid a bye.

  • Don't view your site more than needed;

As we know that Adsense provides money for impressions also. So when you view your site more than needed than definitely you will be getting more impressions. This way Adsense might think that you are knowingly doing this to increase your income and so you may be disqualified from Adsense team.

  • Don't Keep Other Ads In your Blog;

There might be other networks you might have joined before joining Adsense. But after getting accepted and implementing ad code it is best to remove your previous ads. There have been rumors of this causing many people to loose their accounts. I am also not sure but what I am trying is just to avoid any risks.

  • Never Use Autohits;

Autohits are severe disease for Adsense. If you have Adsense ads in your site and if you used Autohits for a single time then 100% you will loose your account. So never ever use Autohits in your life. They are for spammers not for us.

  • Never Modify The Codes;
When you get the ad code after creating an Ad unit never modify it. Some people might think to make the appearance of ad more better by modifying the codes, but the fact is that the ad codes are very vital and modifying and implementing the ad code in your blog might cause cancellation of your account.

  • Don't be over confident;

After you are approved don't get over confident that you are one of the sound person around. Over confidence is not useful here so never have it. Post in your blog frequently and do other things around normally and in a steady way.

These are only some primary things to avoid.
Do you know what are other??

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February 12, 2013 at 11:54 AM delete

very important suggestion for beginners

February 12, 2013 at 7:08 PM delete

Thanks for your feedback. Do come and visit again..

February 14, 2013 at 3:38 AM delete

@jarkosih ajarkosih
You are most welcome buddy..

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September 15, 2013 at 2:13 PM delete

Thank you :)
very important things to know :)