Top Five Places On Blog To Add Ads

Top Five Places On Blog To Add AdsYou guys have already known to add ads in blog. But all the places in our blog is not suitable. There are places in blog which are meant for adding codes. Adding ads in other random places might bring a bad impression on the visitors.

So today we shall be discussing the top five places on blog to add the advertisements which receives good attention of people. This would increase your revenue greatly. You may consider adding your ads in these places and watch your revenue grow;
  • Top Header Part;
the most suitable place to add the ads is the top header part just at the right side of the header. This slot gets the maximum attention so adding rich media ads would be beneficial.
  • Sidebar;
Another interesting place in the homepage where visitors glance falls is the sidebar as it is the main navigation tool of your blog. All the widgets are almost added in sidebar. So we can add text/image ads which are bigger in this region.
  • Below Post Title;
As we know that the motive of the visitors is simply to see the posts. While seeing the post their first attraction becomes the top most part of the post. So if we keep an ad below post title then surely our CPC would boost.
  • Below Post;
After completing the post people would visit your downward part of blog. It may not be as effective as others but keeping an add below post is also a good idea.
  • Hot-spot Places;
Apart from other simple places, there might be some places to keep ads. for eg; the ad at the right side of the slideshow in the homepage of this blog is also a hot-spot place.
It is another effective slot to add your ads. This area is glanced by several visitors so just give it s try. You might have your luck work.

To be honest adding ads in these places has really helped. But don't think to add the ads in every places. No it is not so. I strictly recommend to add ads in some places, and mark my words friends, I meant only some places not all OK  Adding more ads in a single page might also lead you to rejection by Adsense. So do it carefully.

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