Make A Link To Open 30+ Times In Just A Click

increase-visitsHello friends! As you all might have open your respective blogs already, Tell me what is the most difficult challenge in blogging? Probably (according to me) it's traffic ya! I mean other things like writing posts, designing a good blog, etc. comes under our knowledge, but getting plenty of traffic is really hard.
Just we open a very informative blog but others don't see it, then what's that blog value? It's a complete zero we guess. So today I am going to unleash a very useful trick to you all. This tutorial will increase the pageviews of you blog by 4 times. Sounds cool na, Can you believe that? You may not, but it's really the true fact.

Note: This Trick Only works for those who has a bit traffic initially!

What it does is that you will keeping a button with a link and as soon as somebody clicks on it your site will be opened at once in more than 30 tabs/windows. Now say me wont your site pageviews be boosted. 
Let's proceed then;
  • Go To Blogger Dasboard
  • Click On Layout and Select Add A Gadget
  • Click on HTML/ Javascript
  • Copy The Below Code And paste in that box:
<script> function open_win()  { for(i=0;i<=750;i++)""); } </script>  <form> <input type="button" value="Click Here" onclick="open_win()" /> </form>
  •  Change the red line with your Blog's URL
  • Finally, click on save!
Now, after checking your blog, you can find the button which you just created. When you click on it, the window will open 30+ times. Now, thats it. I am hopeful that you enjoyed this topic. 
If you have any problems, you can ask me via comment form!

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