Adding Special Effects in Blog Images

Masking is a brilliant way to make a picture of any type look more attractive. It ultimately became a favorite technique of me as I knew how to mask a image for the first time in photoshop. After a long journey in Adobe Photoshop, I came to blogger and I desired to mask a image in blogger too.
But for the few days I couldn't, but as the day passed on, I ultimately knew how to mask the picture easily in a blogger blog.
Being an excellent designer our job is to provide the best quality things, and mask technique also falls in it. I know that many of you guys may already know about it, but still wide range of bloggers fall in the group who are not aware of it. So i came up with this post.
 But before see a LIVE DEMO of masking a image:

So what is your remarks for this. Probably the masked image is better than that of real image. So what are you waiting for. Lets know how to do it:
  • Go to dashboard>template>template designer.
  • Add the below CSS code in your blog.
.maskeffect { -webkit-mask-image: -webkit-gradient(radial, center center, 0, center center, 350, from(rgba(0,0,0,3)), to(rgba(0,0,0,0))); }
  • Apply to Blog and save it !
Now, it's turn to mask the pictures. For masking any pictures, just use these below codes;
<div class="maskeffect">
<img src="imageurl">
Replace "image url" with your image URL which you want to be masked.
Thanks for taking your time to read this post ! If you're having any difficulties regarding masking your blogger image, simply comment down below !
Thank you,
Blogger Smasher

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