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Alexa, definitely you have heard the name before has now come to first position in ranking system. Almost every one having a blog or a website want's higher rank. For this they spend hours and pay high amount of money to boost their ranking. The paid traffic may boost your ranking but infact later on it will decrease rapidly.
The only reason for boosting alexa rank is because it matters for everyone website. People choose to select the website for different purposes viewing their alexa rank. The lower the number is the larger it is popular. According to alexa rank google ranks first, facebook second, youtube third and so on. These sites get thousands of unique pageviews daily so they rank first, second and third. But some sites do get thousand pageviews but their ranking isn't good. So for those people whose alexa ranking isn't improving, here are some tips. These tips comes from my experience and believe it really works.
So here we go:
  • Traffic
The most important thing for boosting alexa rank is traffic. Without traffic if you implemented other steps also then your site cannot improve. So try getting more and more traffic. The best traffic is the organic traffic that comes from search engines, probably more from google. So index your pages on google very fast. Don't buy traffic and if you wish also then buy unique one !

  • Alexa Widgets
Alexa provides number of widgets related to traffic rank. Install any one of those in your site. You can see a live example of it in my blog also. You might ask how it will help to boost rank as it doesn't bring visitors. But believe me it helps to connect your site to alexa and provide good ranks. You also can see most of the webmaster have this widget. It is because they also will to boost their rank.
  • Alexa Toolbar
The most important feature of alexa ranking is that it provide rank according to the number of toolbar available. Before some months i also used to think that it does nothing but before some weeks i found great results. It really matters. So, inform your readers about toolbar. Do the starting of it by downloading it yourself.
  • Claim/ Review your site
As soon as you start your site sign up for alexa and claim your site. Claiming your site gives more control over your site. If you can then you can certify your site. After certifying your site metrics your ranking will be increasing. Fill up all the information of your site, information, country, region,etc. Fill up all the info. Ask your visitors, friends, relatives, pal, etc to review your site. Reviewing your site makes it to make it closer to Alexa. be sure that they review good not bad.
  • Update your site 
It's strictly recommend that you update your site regularly. Keep on posting articles that are unique and are likely to get impressions. Get more backlinks and comments. Updating your site bounds alexa to rank your site.

So these were the tips that i could give. Hope that your alexa ranking will be good. Implement now as it takes lots of time. No matter how much traffic you get ranking good in alexa takes a long time. So it's better to start your journey from now on.
Thank you !

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Very great post sir, I like it

November 2, 2018 at 6:17 AM delete

eww i would like to smash that copy paste button

December 16, 2018 at 3:15 AM delete

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