How Blogging Reduces Depression And Anxiety

For the most of our lives, running after money or getting stuck through some unsuccessful business
activities, and regarding teenagers, the feeling of betrayal as well as being alone and solitary has led us to struggle with depression and anxiety. 
Depression has no boundaries. No matter how rich you are, no matter how successful you've been, but if you're thrown in your own dark thoughts, there's no easy escape. This is the reason why, even celebrities have battled depression. Celebrities like Jim Carrey, Ellen Degeneres, Johnny Depp as well as others were successful in fighting over depression but sadly some celebrities couldn't make it through which includes famous music icons like Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington and Kurt Cobain.
Regarding me, I've been totally open about my depressive phase where I dealt with tons of emotional disturbance including sadness, anger, jealousy as well as guilt. There were various times in my life, where I nearly gave up, but still couldn't end it. That was really a dark phase where the unnecessary thoughts were killing me and I felt like no one was totally feeling me.
But now, the old thoughts are long gone. I'm happy and progressive towards my profession, right now. The major thing that helped me battle over my depression was blogging. Yeah, it's true that writing blog posts eventually led me to overcome my depressive phase. 
You might wonder, how can writing blog posts help in curing depression? 
Well, here are the reasons behind it :

  • Presenting our views
The major aspect of blogging is that we can totally present our views and thoughts. No matter what the post is about, giving our total views and recommendation helps in boosting our knowledge as well. With our creative expression, we can easily give our views on a particular matter which the post is about, that eventually leads in making us feel good, which reduces sadness and anger.

  • Sharing information to others
The posts that we present in our particular blog is meant to be for others to read. Depending on the post quality, the readers might be inspired or motivated by our writings. They'll start giving their own views or asking you some sort of questions which will eventually make us more happy because of the engagement seen on the post and the attention that our readers are providing to you. This becomes an inspiration for us to even write and deliver more posts, which will make us busy rather than being alone and drowned into thoughts.

  • Boosts our confidence
Now that we have started writing contents focusing on our views and knowledge, the level of engagement in the posts helps in giving us more confidence about how it has also helped others. This removes negative vibes like sadness and mood swings from our mind and helps in better understanding of our worth in life. This becomes an important aspect of how important we're for everyone, leading us to reduce major thoughts which once pulled us from a happy life and led us into dark phase of depression.

Depression isn't an easy escape. Being a victim of depression once, I just want to tell you that you're not alone. There are many people who're battling through this phase. This can be cured through healthy expressions, emotions and total support but the major thing that helps in curing it is belief upon you.
You guys are awesome and this world is such a beautiful place for us to live. Our life is totally bigger than what we might expect, because of unexpected things to come in future. If you're having any problems regarding depression and how you're dealing or how you dealt, comment down your thoughts below. I'll be responding all of your comments. This isn't just a blog, it's a community and we're like a family.
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