Tips To Easily Get Chicken Dinner In PUBG

Player’s Unknown Battleground, also known as PUBG. Pronounced as “Pub-G” by most, has become one of the most popular games lately. People from every corner of the world are playing this game. The PC version of this game was released on 23rd March, 2017. Since then, it has 24 million copies sold world wide. It is the second best selling PC game after Minecraft which has sold whopping 28 million copies. As minecraft is fading and getting old, I believe PUBG is the most played PC game right now. Recently in 19th march 2018, mobile version of this game was released. Within five months, it is already downloaded 100 million times. The most beautiful part of it is that PUBG mobile is free. No wonder why it’s downloaded by so many. Fortnite, its competitor is way behind PUBG with just 125 million players with PUBG having more than double of it with 400 million players playing this game.
The more people play this game, the more competitive it becomes and harder it gets to reach the top level and win things. You want to win, you want your ranks to get higher. You don’t your friends to call you noob, do you? You want to be better than them. That’s why you are here. I have been among the oldest member of this game and i have collected some experience which might be useful for new members of this game. Now I present some strategies needed to get that chicken dinner, home with some bonus tips at the end of this article.


The first thing you need to learn is where to land. This directly determines about how you are going to progress in the game. How pro you are, if you land in populated areas, the probability of your survival from that place is going to decrease by huge percentage. Now you may want to land where no other lands but where no one lands, you probably aren’t gonna find good weapons and armories. The population of that area is directly proportional with the amount of loots one can find there. So you want to find the balance between population and quality of loots found there. Here are some highly populated places of different maps in PUBG.


1. Georgepool

2. Pochinki

3. School

4. Military Base and Novorepnove

5. Mylta Power


1. Pecado

2. Los leones

3. Power Grid

4. EL Pozo


1. Paradise Resort

2. Bootcamp

3. Cave

4. Ruins

These are the places where you would want to land for good loot. But the danger is still there. For the better quality loot, you must at least struggle this much.

The Zone Player Strategy

This is the most effective strategy used in pubg. If implemented properly, one can easily get into top 10 position and with little more shooting skills the chicken dinner is not that far away. This is not that complicated anyway! This just means that you need to stay to the corner of the zone and move along with it. You aren’t gonna be shoot from behind so that you can only focus in the front. Some of the pros and cons of this strategy are:
  • You aren’t going to be shot from behind so you can focus what’s in front of you. 
  • You’re moving along the zone means you’re keeping track of the centre which makes easier for you to create traps for the opponents. 
  • You’re in the corner of the zone means you can easily shoot players struggling to get inside the zone without getting hit, in most of the cases.

  • If not became careful, the last zones have very high damage and you may eventually get killed if you couldn’t keep-up with the zone. 
  • You should make sure you have enough drinks, bandages and first aid kits to heal the damage made by the zone and it could be difficult to manage the armories and bandages if you’re carrying level 1 backpack.
So these are the tips and tricks for you to get a chicken dinner in PUBG. Remember, final performance depends upon how you interact with weapons to kill and survive till the end. 
If you're having any sort of problems regarding gaming, you can simply comment down below. Thanks for reading!

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