White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO, Which Is Better?

One will find a wide array of techniques being used for improving the search engine rankings of websites. While some of these techniques are ethical, there are some that can be manipulative. Different SEO marketers use different strategies to work and these may be White Hat SEO or black hat SEO. For instance, the site owners trying to lure players looking for casino bonus need to follow the right SEO techniques. Read on to know more about these strategies.

The safe and non-manipulative techniques, which are the White Hat SEO are the reputable methods like putting keywords in URLs, making sitemaps, building links, optimizing META tags and using keyword-optimized content. These methods help the search engines to locate the WebPages these seo specialists are working on so as to raise the ranking. Google Webmaster Tools encourage the use of these White Hat SEO strategies, all over the globe including European and Asian countries.

Black Hat SEO on the other hand, work on redirecting search engine "spiders" with using methods like mass-posting "spam" comments on forums, blogs and article. They also use keywords in very small fonts at the end of each page. But these Black hat SEO strategies may actually do more harm than good . This is because with the advancing technology, the search engines are getting smarter and one can no longer fool the Google or any other search engine. Hence, these black hat techniques will lower the quality of search engine results. Therefore it is no use directing the visitors to sites that they have little interest in.

While White Hat seo strategies may be time consuming, but their results are more permanent. The Black Hat SEO techniques are definitely faster but their results are short lived and one is back to square one in no time. Hence these methods will prove to be non effective and a waste of time in the long run. The search engines are able to identify each Black Hat technique and usually penalize the sites using these methods.

Websites officials using White Hat SEO need not fear about getting penalized by the search engines or getting removed from the search engine results. They may be time consuming but yield much better and permanent results in the long run.

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