About The Author

Blogger Smasher

Nischal Khanal

Hi everyone, I'm Nischal Khanal, an anonymous residing in Nepal who is enthusiastic in Blogging, Web Designing, Programming, Freelancing, Graphic and Logo Designing, Web Hacking. Well, no one has ever known who I am and where do I live since I'm following the principle of Anonymous which states not to reveal our identity and protest against wrong doers. 
How Did I start Blogging?
Before 2010, I wasn't quite interested in Web Designing but I had basic knowledge of HTML Codes. Then I searched In Google About Creating Free Websites Or Similar. Then I Found Blogger. I was much Impressed by It's Easy Interface and special fatures. My first blog was Fifa World Cup 2010, since I was Brazil's Fan, I opened that blog. Then, For 2 Years, I stopped Blogging Because I was Busy In Other Computer Fields like Graphic Designing And Programming. And My First Blog was left then upto now. Then, In 2012, I again registered A Blog Called "Blogger Smasher" which is currently this blog which you guys are watching. For 2 months, my blog's page views was less than 5000. But, after 2 months, the traffic started increasing rapidly and currently We are getting 4000+ page views  per day. 
What is needed for Blogging Success?
 The Most Important Thing For Making Blogging Success is to write our own quality contents. By means of copying other's post, we can never be a successful blogger. Keyword is also a key factor for successful blogging. We mustn't stop posting, although we are getting much less traffic because if w write more post, we will get more traffics. We must have 2-3 images in a post. Post with images will be mostly accepted by the search engines. And the main thing, we must use meta tags inside our blogger template to make our sites visible in different search engines. 
My Last Words
Blogging requires hard work and lot's of time. Everything you desire doesn't happens the way it really is. Remember that you are just a newbie among the other billions experts. So the only way for you to succeed is to write quality contents and build your image. Mark my words and in short time you may also be a professional blogger.